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Saudis Don't Accept Hilal Sighting Claims Blindly

پاکستان میں کئی رمضان اور کئی عیدیں،عوام کہاں جائیں!!!(نمبر۲)

پاکستان میں کئی رمضان اور کئی عیدیں،عوام کہاں جائے

Moon sighting.com scientist has accepted that the Saudis CAN see the new Moon against their calculations and predictions

Over 90 % of world's Muslims, in 75 countries celebrated Eidul Fitr1433 on the same day of Al-Haramain Al-Sharifain KSA

Anti-Shari’ah Propaganda Exposed Yet Again, Opponents Haramain Sharifain`s Hilal Decisions have been humiliated once again

Eid Mubarak / HAPPY EID

تقبّل اللہ مناّ ومنکم


The Shiite propaganda that Saudi Arabia covered up a false moon sighting


The Ample proof that Saudi’s do not rely on Ummul Qura calendar for Rasmi (sharee) Hilal Dates decisions

Important Announcement (ضروری اعلان)

Muharram 1433 AH
Moon Sighting Monthly News Letter

Saudi Arabia revises Ashura date to Tuesday the 6th of December and deep rooted hatred about Saudi Arabia and it`s Shariah law structure!!!

Click Here for English | اردو کے لئے یہاں کلک کجئے

Changed Announcement, for First of Muharram 1433 AH

Has Saudi Arabia abandoned sighting of the crescent From this Ramadan?

Maulana Palanpuri has also said, "I do not agree with astronomical calculated hisab to reject Shar'ee witnesses (of) Saudi Shar'ee moon sighting decisions." (Click to listen You Tube videos). However it is also fair to say that Maulana Saeed Palanpuri in his book Al-Maae تحفۃ الالمعی has accepted astronomical hisab to reject Saudi Shar'ee Hilal moon sighting decisions )See our English book ``Hilal Judgment on Moon sighting...`` P58 to 79 & Urdu bookشرعی ثبوتِ ہلال ،تاریخِ فلکیات وجدید تحقیق''''98تا68ص in our web `s Books. www.hizbululama.org.uk).
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I came across a video of U. channel on YouTube the other day critising the Saudi's for celebrating eid the wrong day. Saudi Okaz & UK moon photo dairy

"Astronomer threatened with lawsuit for doubting Eid moon sighting" Please Click

London Mosques Revert Back to Following Saudi Moon Decisions as Established According to Sunnah and Shariah Rules; According to Mahkama Ulya 7 hours old 1st Shaban Moon Sighted at many places in Saudi Arabia!

سرزمینِ حرمین سعودی عربیہ میں کئی جگہوں پرشعبان ۱۴۳۲؁ھ کے ( فلکی حساب کے۷ گھنٹہ عمروالے) پہلے چاند کی رویت اورشہر لندن کی مساجد کا نصوص ونبوی طریقہ اور سنت پرمبنی سعودیہ کے ثبوتِ ہلال پر عمل کرنے کا فیصلہ

Dissenting voices grounded by Events of Honest Shar'i Eyewitness Accounts from Birmingham Sighting Ramadhan 1430 AH

برمنگھم میں عالمِ دین سمیت تین دینداروںکایکم رمضان ۱۴۳۰؁ھ کا چاندبعدنمازِ مغرب دیکھنااور ان کی شرعی گواہیاں

Birmingham Moon Sighting of Ramzan 1431 by 3 persons & Deoband Fatwa of Safar 1432 AH

English Fatwa with Q.A. | Urdu Fatwa with Q.A.
Gujarati Q./A. | Bangla Q./A.
B.Gam Moon Sighting: English | Urdu

Was the Hilal of Dhul Hijjah 1431 sighted on 28th Dhul Qai'dah?

کیاچاند وسورج گہن کی پیش گوئیاں اور علمِ فلکیات ایک نئی تحقیق ہے جو اسلام کی آمد کے بعد اب ظاہرہوئی ہے ؟

Last Updated on 05 Dhul-Hajj 1431 AH | 11 November 2010
Last Updated on 03 Dhul-Qa'ad 1431 AH | 11 October 2010
Please Click any one of attached down;
>> English Translation from page 417..., Vol 9 of Fataawa Rahimiah regarding Moon Sighting
>> In Urdu
>> Questions and Answer by Mufti sa. Regarding "ICC London`s Agreement"
>> Fatwa from "Fatawa Rahimiyah V7"-Urdoo
Fatwa; Astronomically Moon set before sun set is note harm for "Sharee" Thuboote Hilal !
Deoband Fatwa: The Moon Birth and Validity of Astronomical Calculation for Hilal Sighting!
For English Click Here | For Urdoo Click Here
Last Updated on 16 Shawwal 1431 AH | 16 September 2010
Testimony for the Hilal of 1st Shawaal 1431 sighted in UK
The computer software program that draws colourful charts of crescent sighting probabilities according to Aastronomical theory!!!
BY; (Mufti) Muhammad Ebrahim, Madni Masjid, Bradford (The Committee Member of CMSC)
Announcement: First of Shawwal 1431 AH is commenced on the evening of Thursday 9th September 2010 (The Month of Ramadan had 30 Days)
Last Updated on 29 Ramadan 1431 AH | 08 September 2010


- 29th Ramadan 1431 / Wed 8th September 2010

Eid will take place on Friday 10th September 2010

Having not received any Shar'ee moon-sighting reports from here in the UK or Saudi Arabia, we, the Central moon-sighting Committee of Great Britain officially announce that Eid-ul-Fitr will now be celebrated in the UK on Friday 10th September 2010. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims in the UK a joyous Eid Muba'rak and extend this greeting to the Ummah globally. Eid is an occasion for family and friends to celebrate together and enjoy the blessings bestowed on mankind by Allah SWT. It is also a time to reflect upon the suffering of people around the world, especially in Pakistan, and pray that Allah SWT relieve them of their hardships. Our message at this time of the year is for unity, peace and tolerance.
Finally, Eid is an ideal occasion for us to invite our non-Muslim friends and neighbours to take part in the festivities and learn about our faith. May Allah SWT give us continuing rewards for the worship we have undertaken this Ramadan and thank him for allowing us a further day to partake of the blessings of this holy month. Ameen & Wasalam.
Central Moonsighting Committee of Great Britain
(Dar-ul-Uloom Bury, Jamiat-ul-Ulama Britain & Hizbul-Ulama UK)
Last Updated on 24 Ramadan 1431 AH | 03 September 2010

Sighting Possibility : Astronomical or Shar'ee? Shar'ee Acceptance or Stubbornness? Sighting Testimonies that support Prophet (SAW)'s Divine Methodology:Does This Increase The Light of Imaan Or Diminish It?

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Last Updated on 18 Ramadan 1431 AH | 28 August 2010
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Last Updated on 10 Ramadan 1431 AH | 20 August 2010
The testimony which requsted by many people for Ramdhan 1431`s moon sighting at Birmingham, UK on the evening of Tuesday 10th August 2010
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Last Updated on 07 Ramadan 1431 AH | 17 August 2010
New Moon for Ramadan 1431 AH (2010) Sighted in Britain in Birmingham, UK by three people
Last Updated on 01 Ramadan 1431 AH | 11 August 2010
Ramdhan Mubarak !!! The moon of Ramdhan 1431 had been sighted at Saudi Arabiyah as Saudi Mahkaa Ulya annaounced, therefore First of Ramzan 1431 is commenced on the evening of Tuesday 10th August 2010-08-11 (The Month of Shaban 1431had 29days). This moon sighted at Aljirya, Indoneshia and Nigeria (in 8 places) too. Allah gave strength all the muslims in their Iman, DEEN & Dunya. Aameen.
First of Ramadan 1431h is commenced on the evening of Tuesday 10th August 2010 (The Month of Shaban had 29 Days)
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