Sickness according to Qur'an and Sunnah

Benefits of GINGER(Ginger/Zangabil is mentioned in the Qur'an)

Children watching too much TV become UNHAPPY and DEPRESSED

More SEX diseases from adultery and fornication?

The diet of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)

Shisha(water pipe) declared 'HARAM' for Muslims


Lung cancer reduced by eating raw GARLIC

WALKING to work reduces your risk of Diabetes by 40 %?

Damage to the brain from drinking ALCOHOL during pregnancy


Mothers who smoke during pregnancy bring children with bad behaviour/ADHD

Teenagers who smoke CANNABIS will damage their brains and risk having schizophrenia?

women looses 3 limbs after been attacked by her dog?

Beating Bad Breath during Ramadan

More young women die from ALCOHOL ?

GARDENING is good for health/Happiness

Women who work NIGHT SHIFT suffer from miscarriage/loss of fertility...

CANCER causing agents in PEPSI Cola drinks

Women who work night shift are more likely to develop breast cancer

Women's symptoms in diseases are different from men(NO EQUALITY MEDICALLY? Dr Katme)

When men have sex with men????

1/6 women at fracture clinic reported domestic violence?

Mental illness increased by 50% because of Cannabis?

The Islamic Prevention of many Cancers

Big warning to pregnant women: Chemicals at home damage your baby !

Vinegar(The Islamic food/medicine) can detect early cervical cancer

More alcohol in kids movies?

Obese children due to Caeserian operation

Artificial light is damaging our health(Islam promotes early sleep with darkness)

Children watching PORN are damaged in their sexual attitudes and have risky sexual behaviour..?

Breast milk can fight antibiotic resistant superbugs

Women suffer more mental health problems by doing many jobs?

The HARMS to women inwomen's hygiene products???

New health discovery for the Prophetic BLACK SEED

Alarming report on pork:full of harmful bacteria?

Royal jelly fights cancer and improves health!

Crisis of masculinity among young men(Alcohol/sex)

Children from age of 6,watch PORN/sex films???

Influenza viruses in PIGS?

About 50% of American wives suffer Stress because of their husband?

The demon: Marijuana???

Test all doctors for alcohol and drugs in hospitals???

GRAPES for the Health of the heart(Grape is in the Qur'an)

New dangerous sex superbugs?

Weekend Binge drinking of Alcohol lead to lasting damage of the Liver?

Rise in Breast cancer among women

Go and enjoy and explore NATURE...GOD's creation...


The horrific attack of a dog on the face of a young girl???

Health benefits of Intermittent Fasting(as prescribed in Islam)

Huge rise in Liver problems due to ALCOHOL?

Belief in GOD helps in treatment of psychiatric care

WHO: Male Circumcision prevents up to 60% of HIV/AIDS

Believing in GOD/Prayer can treat your Depression !

GRAPES help protect organ damage(Grape is in the Qur'an)

The devastating effects/damages on children when the parent have an AFFAIR?

Smoking more than doubles the risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Light drinking alcohol during pregnancy damages the intelligence and brain of the baby?

Sperm quality is better in men who do not wear tight underwear?

Exclusive Breastfeeding lowers risk of HIV/AIDS

CIRCUMCISION protects against HIV/AIDS infection

1/3 of Americans have sexually transmitted diseases?

500000 hangovers from ALCOHOL?

Working mothers HARM their children?

Exposing yourself to artificial light at night is harmfulto health

Caeserian section damages the Immune system of thye baby

Caeserian section damages the Immune system of thye babys

Islam and Medicine:Dr Katme and another speaker / 28 March at 7 pm/London

Unborn Babies can be damaged by the stress of the mother?

Early grave to all those sitting down frequently???(Warning to all Muslims)

Doctors:urgent action on ALCOHOL needed???(WE THANK ISLAM FOR THE PROHIBITION)

Women who do not do the housework are more overweight/obese and UNHEALTHY

Early death to DESK workers/sitting all the times???

6 ways to avoid wasting food

Warning to all women:Hair dyes linked to cancers???

Gender binding chemicals cause many diseases???

Doctors campaign against FIZZY DRINKS AND JUNK FOODS to avoid obesity

Breastfeeding is a MUST,especially in the first hours after birth(COLOSTRUM)

Medical evidences for the benefits of Meditation(as in Muslim`s Salat/prayer)

Women in the Military deployed after childbirth are at increased risk of Depression?

Alcohol is responsible for 4% of cancer deaths?

Mother died after doctors ignored X-ray showing lung cancer for THREE years

GINGER reduces cancer risk..(Ginger is in the Qur'an:ZANGABIL)

Men watching PORN are more receptive to same sex marriage?

Epidemic of children doing SELFHARM???

Sure damage of the brain because of ALCOHOL???

Woman gets BLIND from contact lens??Eye removed after...

2 hours/day are lost due to STRESS and WORRY of modern life?(Our SALAT: 5 times/day take away most daily worry/stress)

Healthy heart - omega 3

Pomegranate pill to curb hunger(Pomegranate is prescribed in the Qur'an/Hadith)

The need to have a NAP....Sleepy during the day?(IT IS SUNNAH TO HAVE A NAP)

Many CHILDHOOD vaccines contain ABORTED HUMAN CELLS???

Grape seed extract for treatment of Colorectal cancer..(Grape is in the Qur'an to consume)

New medical miracle to prophet Muhammad(pbuh):1/3 of stomach only for foods!

Over 700 helpful bacteria in Breast milk(making antibodies in the child for future infections)/no need for vaccines?

Cancer from smoking cigarette/ new advert

Genetically modified FISH/Salmon(We should oppose it on Theological and Health grounds)

Our comprehensive report on PRESUMED CONSENT Published in the Muslim Weekly

The medical dangers of Aspartame/Coka-Cola???..this is apart from ALCOHOL?

Blindness from a parasite in the dog?

Pregnant mothers who drink ALCOHOL ,damages the brain of the baby!

Pig virus to be given to our innocent Muslim children in vaccines???

QUR'AN and HADITH said before :honey is SHIFA/cure

Pregnant mothers exposed to MERCURY IN VACCINES will damage the children in their brains(ADHD)?

Cancer symptoms are eased by foot massage(WUDU)

Risk of Depression from exposure to light at night?(In the Qur'an: darkness and night for sleep/to be respected)

Religious objections to contraception and abortifacients violate human rights?

Tell doctors to WASH their hands!(only practicing Muslim doctor wash his/her hands about 25 times/day!)

امراضِ قلب اور ہارڈ ایٹیک سے بچنے کے طریقے،جنگ لندن

منہ کا کینسر اور اس کے اسباب پان تمباکو کھانا اور پینا چھوڑدو۔بشکریہ جنگ لندن

Sugar water boost self-control(Muslims are "addicted" to honey and date/natural sugar)

Surgeon BOTCHED 1000 breast operations???(Moral qualification is a MUST for every doctor!)

Epidemic in Diabetes among Saudis due to sedentary life???

A Muslim mother smothered her 5 y old month to death with a copy of the Qur'an?

Smokers take 3 extra days/off sick/year costing UK £1.4 billion?

Little girls having puberty as young as six?

Pig is Haram, the health warning for Haram eater : A BACON(pork) breakfast is very harmful to health?

SMOKING will KILL up to 1 billion people worldwide this century???

Rise in STALKING of doctors by their patients?(SINGLE SEX CLINICS IS THE ONLY SAFE WAY)

More than 80% of PIGS who look healthy/no infection , were found to be POSITIVE for the Flu infection???

27% of all deaths are abortions???

Increased risk of death when the baby is separated from the mother after birth

Take the TV/computer out of children's bedroom:to sleep properly and to avoid obesity

MAKE-UP link to early menopause,cancer,Diabetes and obesity???

Breast cancer from lack of breastfeeding

Most children LONG to see more of mum?

Meditation should prescribed in Health programmes

Muslim family in court for beating the wife in exorcism

Night work can give you cancer?(Qur'an prohibited night work)

The magic healing touch of the mother to her newborn baby!

Old people who abuse alcohol cost us a lot more?

Women are more "fragile" than men to bad or negative news?(as in Hadith)

Muslim response to Abortion/reducing the limit?

The importance of BRISK WALK to avoid stroke/heart diseases

Victim of the ALCOHOL industry?

Children under 3 should be BANNED from watching TV for Health/wellbeing reasons

Fast food /Junk diet lowers the intelligence of your children?

More harms and problems from GM crops???

Sold 30 tons of dirty meat to takeaways every week...and non halal too!

School banned short skirts and tight trousers to avoid sexualisation of pupils

Women's Brains Contain Male DNA

Forcing kids to eat when not hungry will make them obese?( which is contrary to Sunnah..)


All Muslims should support this good Christian couple as an Islamic duty!

Modesty Matters: Christian Campaign for modesty in dress!

Brain damaged in a mother of 4 because of a parasite(Tapeworm larvae) coming from PORK?

Pregnant English soldier in Afghanistan gives birth to a baby?

Drinking wine causes breast cancer and other cancers?

Learning and the nervous system of the unborn baby is damaged when the mother drinks ALCOHOL?

Food shops in east London caught selling DEAD RATS as undercover probe reveals illegal meat trade

Sold 30 tons of dirty meat to takeaways every week...and non halal too!

Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) ARTICLE in the MUSLIM WEEKLY 14/Sept/12 Written by; Dr Yunes Teinaz and others

Non-Alcoholic Red Wine May Boost Heart Health

Shocking figures reveal more than 3,000 schoolchildren as young as 12 were treated for alcohol problems last year

Researchers discover a new miracle cure for cancer... marriage

Millions of contact lens users are at risk of eye-devouring amoeba that can turn them blind

Rogue strain of MMR vaccine 'caused deafness'

The Brain Is Rewired By Heavy Drinking, Increasing Susceptibility To Anxiety Problems

Men and women really DO see things differently: Our brains process colours in different ways

Water pipe is as dangerous as smoking cigarettes?

Children with WORKING MOTHERS are more obese?

Caesareans and pain relief for mothers giving birth 'should be cut to save the NHS money'

Men have a wee problem with sitting down on toilets

What Is Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD)?

Why are women twice as likely to get Alzheimer's?: Experts think it's linked to hormones - and having a hysterectomy can hugely increase your risk

Children exposed to sex on screen 'go on to be promiscuous'

How teenagers addicted to cannabis risk damaging their IQ and show signs normally seen in early Alzheimer's

Confirmed: India’s Polio Eradication Campaign in 2011 Caused 47,500 Cases of Vaccine-Induced Polio Paralysis

Honey can be the new antibiotic for the 21st century !

Circumcision benefits outweigh risks, say doctors Influential pediatricians' group falls short of complete support for procedure, saying parents should make final decision

Even light drinking increases cancer risk

Man of the match? Here's your rosewater and pomegranate: Premier League offers non-alcoholic alternative to champagne to avoid offending Muslim players

The day Britain lost the war on drugs: The liberals who left us a devastating legacy

Waiting to Treat Patients After Transplant Surgery Is The Way To Go

Shedding New Light On Alcohol-Related Birth Defects

Scarred by online porn: Number of children ringing ChildLine after seeing hardcore images on internet soars to 50 a month

Spirituality Is Linked To Better Mental Health

Cut the TV bad language: Too much swearing and violence on our screens, viewers tell watchdog

'Godliness is the key to healthiness': Religion boosts mental health, research says

How alcohol causes cancer - and is particularly lethal to those of Asian descent

Dangerous Dogs: How many dog lovers mauled in their own homes does it take?

'Brush' offers clues to fighting lung disease

Urgent request to all Muslims/Parents:PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!/Answer the Consultation

Having dogs at home: is linked to cancer of the breast among women:NEW GERMAN MEDICAL STUDY شبكة رصد المغربية || ثقافة || لماذا نهى النبي عن تربية الكلاب في المنزل؟؟

Pregnant worker claims male colleague called her ‘sugar t***’ and asked her to get ‘her boobs out’ in the office

Parents who buy alcohol are 'creating underage drinking problems' for teenage girls

Does having sex make women more fertile? Semen found to trigger ovulation

Pregnant mothers who smoke are 65 per cent more likely to have children with asthma

Kids Who Spend Too Much Time On The Couch Have Poorer Motor Coordination

As shocking new research reveals chemicals in make-up linked to allergies, arthritis and even low fertility... can your lipstick give you heart problems?

Grapes Lowered Blood Pressure, Improved Blood Flow And Reduced Inflammation In Men With Metabolic Syndrome

Eyes on the road! Ogling drivers cause nearly one million crashes every year

Performance-enhancing diet tips

Improving Relationships, Mental And Physical Health By Not Telling Liess

Pupil Dilation May Reveal Sexuality

The Prophetic advice: To FAST 2 days/week....New scientific medical discovery

Using Heat As A Cancer Treatment

Part 2: FASTING FOR YOUR HEALTH by Dr Abdul Majid Katme


Sex in Films Can Harm Children, Study Finds

Baby brain? New mums have a BETTER memory: Study finds ability to remember information is greater than childless women

Honey may ease nighttime coughing in kids

Top 10 Health Benefits of Dates

Smiling Reduces Stress And Helps The Heart

Children as young as SEVEN are experimenting with ecstasy and cannabis, shocking study shows

Night shifts can raise risk of heart attacks and strokes by more than 40%

Children Heavily Exposed To Alcohol In Utero Commonly Suffer Functional Neurologic Abnormalities

Three minute morning meals that will help you lose weight all day long

99p jar of honey cures one man's painful eye infection


Too much light at night causes depression (but if make your bedroom dark enough, you can get away with staying up late)

Why boys who bond with their fathers in the first three months grow up happier

The Risk of Cognitive Decline in Older Adults Increased By Binge Drinking

Watching TV Gives Children Larger Waistline

Binge drinking dramatically increases the risk of Alzheimer's disease in over 65s

Schools are denying girls life-saving cervical cancer jab because of religious objections

safety issues based on science

Holding a drink 'makes you look stupid'

Skinny Jeans Cause Health Problems For Men

Why milk has gone sour: Tasteless, stripped of nutrients and churned out by 'battery cows' who never see a blade of grass

Working women more likely to put on weight 'as they put office needs over their health'

High blood pressure risk in later life for teenage girls on the Pill

Girl, 11, who had her lips ripped off by dog released from hospital after surgeons rebuild parts of her face... but her mouth is still sewed shut

People with kids half as likely to develop colds due to 'psychological benefits of parenthood'

Disgraced consultant anesthetist caught FOUR TIMES over the limit on early morning trip to buy alcohol is spared jail

Death loves drinking and gambling: Macabre photos from Vaudeville play on the 'mortal perils' of alcohol

I recently signed this petition telling India's government officials to enforce laws banning manual scavenging!

Sexual health, HIV and the 2012 Olympics

Career women turn to IVF in record numbers as number of females over 40 seeking treatment rises 500%

Men are happiest when sharing the housework (and, no, you didn't misread that, ladies)

Zombie epidemic as stressed-out young women turn to prescription drugs in their millions

Schoolgirl, 11, mauled by rottweiler needs 30 stitches after dog 'launched at her face' as she sat on a garden bench

Calls to ban Coca-Cola colouring linked to cancer that is still available in Britain despite U.S. health alert

Belief in hell, according to international data, is associated with reduced crime

This was the Prophetic advice more than 1400 years ago!

Zimbabwe's MPs to be circumcised in bid to fight HIV

Night Work And Women's Health

الماء يتأثر ب كلام القران الكريم ماشاء الله جزء 2"

علماء يعتقدون أن للماء ذاكرة تسجيل تتفاعل مع المشاعر الضوء الأصوات و الصور .

Riding a horse is a therapy for Autistic children (Islam encourages horse riding)

Just two tablespoons of olive oil a day could cut heart disease risk

Girland boy left with serious injuriesafter TWO separate dog maulings follow horrificattack on toddler

Birthdays are deadly: Why over-60s are 14% more likely to die on that day

Archbishop of York tells David Cameron not to overrule the Bible and allow gay marriage

Strain of gonorrhea that infects millions each year 'could soon be untreatable', says World Health Organisation

Online porn drove boy of 12 to rape girl, 9: He wanted to 'feel grown up' after viewing explicit images

Hospital alcohol cases jump by 10% in a year

Women put 6 inches on waists in 60 years:And the main reason? They don't useas much elbow grease when they do the housework

New medical study :Religion is great for SELF CONTROL

Television poisoning to children

Human natural odour is the most SEDUCTIVE (Danger in free mixing?)



Fasting 2 days/week will avoid you Dementia( as requested by the Prophet Muhammad before!)

AN ISLAMIC HEALTH MESSAGE to all women On International Women Day

Mother love is important for child's brain

New FDA analysis finds lead in all 400 lipstick products tested

New research: Pregnant woman suffers short-term memory to concentrate on her baby(2 women witness)

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC) – a cost-effective HIV prevention measure in eastern and southern Africa: a UNAIDS and PEPFAR collection

Stressed out and angry: How the modern female boss became a bully

Intermittent fasting is a key strategy for anti-aging and longevity

ALERT - Europe Bans X-Ray Body Scanners Used at U.S. Airports

HIV/AIDS: Make 2015 the Beginning of the End!

Violent video games DO make people more aggressive

Fear over plan for Facebook 'casinos' that could lure children into online gambling

Leading doctors warn of liver failure epidemic in young adults as cases soar

Large families 'protect' mother's health

Violent games DO alter your brain - and the effect is visible in MRI scans in just a week

Global health organization to purchase millions of toxic HPV vaccines to administer to women and girls in third-world countries

MALAYSIA: “The Halal Index” book on pharmaceuticals ingredients launched at the 6th World Halal Forum (the Halal Journal)

EU bans naked body scanners because of cancer risk, US continues to coerce travelers through them

Cattle Stun Gun May Heighten Madcow" Risk

Why marriage matters

Pomegranate helps fight heart disease, relieves stress and improves sex life - now it's nature's elixir of youth, claims study

Want to be happier and slimmer? Get up earlier

Attending Religious Services Lowers Depression Risk And Raises Optimism

High childcare costs 'make women better off staying at home'

Wings of a Fly: The New Buzz of Antibiotics

The new buzz on antibiotics

New Research Supports ‘Early To Bed’ Adage

Religious, Spiritual Support Benefits Men And Women Facing Chronic Illness, MU Study Finds

From: Dr A Majid Katme 07944 240 622


Female police worker 'set to get £10K deal' in sex harassment case against senior officer

What IS going on in Britain's mosque schools? Beatings, humiliation and lessons in hating Britain

Religious, Spiritual Support Benefits Men And Women Facing Chronic Illness, MU Study Finds (From:Dr A Majid Katme 07944 240 622)

A Healthy Islamic message, which is very beneficial to all our sisters BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH(1-31 October 2011)(ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVES)

PATIENT SAFETY WEEK(12-18 September 2011)

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Dear friends, here is an important website to Muslims around the world which is Saheeh Al Bokhari in English. Kindly don't hesitate to send to all of your friends and relative so that you can take the Thawab. May Allah reward you for that. Click Here

Men distracted from news by sexy newsreaders

Is your TV killing you? Every hour of viewing takes 22 minutes off your life, couch potatoes are warned