"Astronomer threatened with lawsuit for doubting Eid moon sighting"

Assalamu Alaikum WR WB
Please see the following link with regards to "Astronomer threatened with lawsuit for doubting Eid moon sighting" http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article497239.ece (source Arab News).  
Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Asheikh in his Friday sermon at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh described those who doubted the moon sighting as "motivated and deviated people with foul mouths."
"There are unjust pens and foul tongues that cast doubt on our religion which should be silenced. We are strictly following the Sunnah of our Prophet in fasting and marking Eid days," he said, accusing the doubting astronomers of trying to impose their opinions on the nation. The mufti said the Shariah was clear in the procedures of moon sighting and added that Muslims would never give up the Sunnah for false opinions.
May Allah (SWT) protect our Scholars (Ameen).