ON INTERFAITH WEEK:21-27 November 2010


-For the last 20 years:A Muslim Coordinator to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children(SPUC),who are Christians.(www.spuc.org.uk)
Shared Campaign for the Sanctity of life:no killing of unborn children through abortion(Pro-life), against Assisted suicide and Euthanasia
 against  human cloning  and  destructive embryo research.
Campaign for morality,chastity,marriage,parental responsibility and family values
Linking with a lot of Christian organisations in the UK for the same campaigns.
-Working with many Christian MPS for the same values.
-Working with my local  Christian MP on many moral,family and Pro-life values
-Working with 100s of Christian NGOs who came from many western countries, and in over 10 International UN Conferences ,for our shared Muslim-Christian values.
 (In Cairo,Beijing,Copenhagen,Istanbul,Rome,New York,Hague etc...)
 Campaign for:
 Chastity,womanhood/feminity,marriage, procreation,motherhood,family values,parental responsibility ,morality
 Heterosexuality(a man and a woman) for  marriage,the right to one's religious beliefs and practices ...
 Campaign against:
 Abortion,population control, adultery and fornication,contraception to our young unmarried youth, the new forms of families,immoral sex education,the twisted new gender of women/"equality" etc...
-Liaising with the Holy See/Vatican in all these International UN Conferences( for our shared values)
-Meeting/ talking to the late Pope John Paul II in 1995 and in 1996 inside the Vatican in Rome.
 First time:I gave him a copy of the Qur'an with a letter from  the Muslims  who requested to work together on our shared divine values,Second time: I gave him a book: Jesus and Mary in the Qur'an
-Working with Many Christian organisations in Britain for:
* Heterosexual Marriage/family
* And Against drugs
-Liaising with the Christian : Family and Youth Concern,for morality,chastity,parental responsibility ,marriage and family values
-Working for the last 10 years in Britain  with  the Christians in Media Watch UK and Media March/SAFER MEDIA
  against:nakedness and sexual immorality  sexy films and adverts on TV,internet,magazines etc..
  and against:all types of violences on TV, in video games etc..and against   all the bad language in the media.
  Activities: Picketing,Demonstration,Rally ,Letter writing etc..
-Shared campaign with many Christian organisations in the UK for Breastfeeding
-Shared campaign with Christian organisations in the UK for Full Time Mothers to the child/children
-Shared campaign with some Christians against smoking
-Shared campaign with some Christians(GM Freeze) against Genetically modified food(GM food)
-Muslim member of the  Three Faiths Forum on medical Ethical issues(Christians,Jews and Muslims).
-Member of the  Christian Editorial Board for the International  ALLIANCE FOR THE FAMILY in the world,as the only Muslim in the board.

-Addressed these International Christian Conferences on the FAMILY,as the only Muslim speaker:

The  International Conference on the Family in Prague/1997

The International Bishops Conference on the Family in  Manilla/1999

The International Conference on Education and development in Buonis Airis/Argentinne  in 1999.

The International Conference on Fatherhood in Poland 1999.

 -Speaker in Christian Conferences on:
 The Virgin Mary:the role Model to all the women in the world.
-Liaising with Orthodox Jews for  real Halal/Kosher meat(Prophetic method of Dhabh)

May ALLAH accept all my work and activities ...May ALLAH give me the guidance and Hikmah/wisdom

Dr A.Majid Katme