I note that you want to say no Stunning before slaughter. but as you know there is stunning after slaugnter:

the issue of post cut stun is as dangerous as the stunning befor slaughter. AVS one of the defender of this practice couldn't obtain any Fatwa from Arabi Saoudite to allow them to use it. but they use Fatwa of some Imam from France.
the propuse of the post cut stun is to make slaughter faster, and to avoid that animals move after the islamique cut.
Please see the two Fatwas Below
It is very important to be Clear on this issue and say "not to any stunning before or after cut",
if your are not clear, muslim can be forced to use this practice in the few future years. if you want more infomation, we can discuss this by phone.

Fatwa of mufti Darul ’Uloom Karach Muhammad Taqi Usmani con Stunning animal before or after slaughter:

Dim 15 juin 2008, 22h 11min 57s

Assalamu alaikum,


Thank you for your email. In fact, there are two different issues that should not be confused with each other.  One question is to identify the correct way of slaughtering an animal according to Sunnah and Shariah law.  Answer to this question is that the correct way according to Sunnah and Shariah is to cut the veins of throat with a sharp knife and reciting Allah's name while doing so, without stunning before or after slaughter.  Stunning an animal either before or after cutting its throat is against the proper way prescribed by Shariah according to Sunnah.


The second question is whether or not the meat of an animal will be permissible to eat, if it is stunned before or after its slaughter. Answer to this question is that it will not be halal if it has died because of stunning and not because of cutting throat and the blood flowing from its veins.  However, if its death is caused by the blood flowing from its veins not caused by stunning, eating its meat will not be held impermissible, although the act of stunning, either before or after the slaughter, is not permissible.  This is the correct connotation of our previous fatwa about stunning after slaughter.  I think this will explain the Shariah position, and Allah knows best.




Muhammad Taqi Usmani


the Fatwa of Tantawi