NO SMOKING DAY! / For Friday khutba


9th March 2011 WAS  NO SMOKING DAY


 -Smoking kills at least 120 000 people in Britain alone every year.. and millions are affected and damaged  by over 20 diseases as a result of smoking and are filling our clinics and hospitals.
-More than 2000  non smoker Muslims  are killed every year by passive smoking  alone!
 Hundred  of thousands  are damaged by smoking including young children..
-Every cigarette contains  about 4000 harmful chemicals with al least 60   to cause  cancers!
-The Nicotine  present in every cigarette is a poison and is very addictive,10 times more than heroin..! and is quickly absorbed by the brain, within few seconds..
-Smoking causes:
 lung cancer,heart attacks/diseases,chest infections and diseases,male impotence,premature birth,low birth weight and it damages the sperms and eggs...almost every organ in the body is damaged by smoking!
In  the  British Medical Journal/6 March/2004:
 at least 53 900 in Britain suffer visual impairement as a result of smoking..17 800 become BLIND
 because of smoking!
In the British Medical Journal (5th March/07):
In the latest medical reports and studies:
Smoking is linked: to cancer of the breast colon neck and head,hearing problems,loosing hairs,cot death,premature ageing,spots in women's faces,damage to the placenta,pain in the knee and stress!

In the Muslim world today,there are over-500 FATWAS/Islamic rulings which made smoking  HARAM(forbidden)!
In the world,there are over 1.3 billion smokers!
700 million children are affected and damaged by passive smoking!
200 000 workers die from passive smoking in their workplaces!
Unfortunately in Britain,the percentage of the Bangladeshi and Pakistani  Muslims  who smoke  is higher than the white non Muslim population!
Obvioiusly Muslims from all the nationalities do smoke today:Arabs,Turkish etc...
This is very wrong and very irresponsible and is HARAM too:
Especially as smoking kills you and kills the others..The prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said in a Hadith:NO HARM TO YOU and NO HARM TO OTHERS...In smoking Harm is affecting both!
The cost of one's smoking cigarettes in his/her life time is over
£100 000!!!
 The head of WHO's anti-tobacco campaign,doctor Ermando Perugia,has called on world leaders  today to BAN SMOKING IN ALL INDOOR AND PUBLIC PLACES!
Muslim doctors and Imams should educate  the Muslim smokers who are  unfortunately in big number  today and organise a national educational plan , especially during the  month of  Ramadan, in order to save our Muslims from  early death,diseases suffering and poverty.
All mosques ,should address this serious and neglected issue:SMOKING ,in their  coming Friday Sermon!

TIME HAS COME TO STOP THE PRODUCTION  AND SELLING OF CIGARETTES AND  TO STOP SMOKING COMPLETELY  for good on this NO SMOKING  DAY..for the sake  of our all health and economy and for the sake of our innocent children and our all society.

DR A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)

Spokesman:Islamic Medical Association/UK
Muslim Campaigner against smoking
TV presenter (IQRA TV)/Radio broadcaster

TEL: 07944 240 622 
Address: Dr A.Majid Katme  31 North Circular Road  Palmers Green  London  N13 5EG UK