No doubt ,all British public ,from all denominations,were shocked  to see all these widespread and repeated riotings and mob violence in many places in London and in many other cities in Britain: Theft/vandalism/arson and  attacks on our  police forces,apart from spreading fear among many old women  and fragile people/children  and making a lot of families homeless and many shop owners  poorer?

Many of these youth/children  came from the  black community but white youth have  joined them too in many places.
I would like first, on behalf of the British Muslims,to:
CONDEMN fully all these criminal acts   which were committed by these vandals and thugs
CALL  on the government to punish well  many of these irresponsible careless  youth
And  to THANK our police forces and firemen for their good  efforts and work against these crazy youth and rioting.

As a qualified psychiatrist,I would like to list the underlying reasons for this unusual  and unexpected phenomina,but we have to admit   that the case is  very complicated  and  is multifactorial, and varie from one person to  another and is not simple as it looks :


*The lack of religious and moral values
* and the lack of meaning of life/"Emptiness"
*Sheer criminal acts and greed by OPPORTUNISTS(those should be punished well and in public and to be named and shamed)
*Drugs use among some of these youth
*Children brought up in broken homes
*The lack of discipline and respect to others and properties/bad neglectful parenting
*The high Unemployment rate  and the high  expected expences for enrolment in universities?
*Boredom/school holidays/nothing to do
*The Bravado mentality
*Racism( suffered by some black boys)/feeling of persecution: Frequent  rough Stop and Search,discrimination in jobs..
*The general anger and frustration  against life, the government and  all society
*The watching of many  violent videos/games and in films on TVs/Copy cat syndrome
*Lack of deterrant punishments,especially for theft  vandalism and arson
*The  soft approach used in  the stopping of this  rioting/mob violence and its spread
*The cutting many services to blacks and youth centres
*The Temptation of seeing  a lot of attractive  goods on display in shops and without any protection
* The facility of electronic media like Twitter..easy to organise the criminal plan
*The  easy grouping together in  a large number in a  threatening manner
*The insurance cover to many properties/houses//shops/cars this will make the owners less worried and less protective to their own houses/shops and cars!

To deal well with this serious Mob violence and rioting,one will need to address all these underlying causes and factors,one by one.

I would  like finally  to APPEAL to  all our Muslim youth and men in Britain  to "COME OUT OF THE MOSQUES,ESPECIALLY AT NIGHT" after Tarawih prayers,to join hands with the Police  forces in every area and city in Britain, and "as reservists",in order to protect All properties and buildings and goods of our innocent  British public and to oppose and   STOP all this Mob violence and rioting,especially, as many surveys have shown before:British Muslims are the most LOYAL group in Britain  to Britain...THIS IS ALSO,NO DOUBT, THE SPIRIT OF  FASTING RAMADAN!

Dr A Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)

T: 07944 240 622