Only Sunnah is Conclusive - The Hadith is Not Conclusive
(Ml. Saeed Palanpuri)

Response against this from honest Teachers of Hadith at Darul Ulum Deoband

Haz.Moulana Habibur Rahman aazami, and Haz.Moulana Ne'matullah(Hafizahumallah)

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Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullah w Barakatuh

Moulana Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri's controversial lectures and writings are all too famous. His book 'Tohfatul Al-Ma'yee is full of controversies: many Ahadith which are accepted as truth by Muhadditheen have been declared by him as unreliable.

In this book, on the subject of Establishing of Hilal, he has gone against the Nusus and Sunnah, and against the well respected decrees from great Deobandi Jurists (Hakimul Ummat Hadhrat Moulana ashraf Ali Thanwi r, Shaikhul Islam Hadhrat Maulana Hussain ahmed Madani r, Hadhrat Mufti Mahmud Gangohi r, Hadhrat Mufti Rashid Ahmed Ludhyanwi r) as well as against Fataawa from the present day Jurists from Darul Iftaa Deoband. He has gone in favour of the pre-Islamic Greek polytheist Philosopher Meton (431 BC) whose postulated calculations were adopted by the Jewish Rabbi Halail II (358 AD) after altering the Teachings of Shariah of Musa a, by rendering such calculations as a condition and basis for establishing Hilal. The use of such calculations was most explicitly rejected by Prophet s.a.w. in Hadithe Ummi. Details can be seen on our web site, and in our books& articles on this subject.

The great Sheikh Hadhrat Maulana Shah Waliyullah (rh.)Muhaddith Dahelwi has also rejected the use of calculations and conditioning Establishing of Hilal on Astronomical calculations sighting evidence from Nusus – original texts. It is most surprising that Ml. Saeed Palanpuri has, in his own book Rahmatullahil wasiah, the Commentary on Hujjatullahil Baaligha, used Shah saheb's opinion and strengthened it by his own pen, but in his book Tohfatul Al-Ma'ayi, he has used the same New Moon Theory and calculations as condition and basis to test in establishing Hilal. By doing so, he has made this Theory to be superior (Allah forbid)  to the Teachings of Prophet s.a.w., (Click to read our book "Hilal Judgment on Moon Sighting According to Shariaah"– from Page 58 to 79)

Ml. Palanpuri is extremely critical and uses insulting and abusive words when trying to prove his points (many times, baseless, false and far from truth). His lectures are published In the name of Ilmi Khutabaat. In one such lecture, he exhibited his thoughts about difference between Hadith and sunnah, and rejected Hadith's conclusive nature. He has declared his thoughts, against the opinions of great Muhaddethin, that the  Hadithe Jassasah is unreliable (Allah forbid).

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