By Dr Abdul Majid Katme

On Somali satellite/youtube(all over the world)

-A brief reminder on doing Hajj

*Stress/fear and worry can cause miscarriage or early birth (as mentioned in the Qur'an)
*The epidemic of ONLINE BULLYING
*UK is the capital of Europe in alcohol and drug addiction?
*46%-98% of our fresh foods/fruits/vegetables contain PESTICIDES?
*Chinese hire wet nurses  to give their children the healthy safe  human breast milk
*42 000 die in hospitals due to thirst/dehydration among patients.  This  water deprivation causes kidney damage?(All these deaths are avoidable)   
*8 Harms affecting women after abortion
*Appeal to Muslim doctors(GPs/family doctors) to answer the Consultation on Assisted suicide  before 9th October.